Andrew Lucas:

“ I was first introduced to Nick through a work colleague who had just finished an amazing transformation with Nick at his gym. I decided that this was the time to take care of my health and look the way that I had always wanted to look. I went through a grueling 12 week program with Nick, following his every step with nutrition, training and general daily habits. I managed to gain 7kg of muscle and loose over 18% body fat during this time. Nick’s attention to detail when it came to designing my training and nutrition program was like no other. He always made sure my exercises were completed with perfect form and never made me feel like there was something I could not do. I highly recommend Nick’s services to anyone seeking a real physical or mental change!”

Abdul Mohammed:

“Growing up as a vegan and from a hard working family, I had never found an opportunity to take care of my health. I was always taught work comes first, with no consideration or guidance about how important it is to remain healthy and take care of your body. I moved to Hong Kong when I was 11 years old with my family. For as long as I can remember I have always felt disappointed in my body and my attitude towards exercise. Fortunately enough I was recommended to Nick to help guide me through my personal struggles. As a vegan, I understood that the process is not quite as efficient as say a meat eater however, I managed to shed 12 kilograms and drop 19.5% body fat in 12 weeks. Nick provided me with confidence and knowledge that I can now carry forward to not only myself, but family and friends.”

Helen Leung:

“ Before I met with Nick, I never imagined myself being slim or even close to being in shape. I grew up with poor health and a very unhealthy diet, and never really had any interest in exercise. As I became an adult I struggled with socializing and finding time to take care of my body. Working 16 hour days in finance in Hong Kong, it came to a point where I couldn’t stand to look at myself in the mirror in a positive way. And thats when I decided to find myself a personal trainer. Fortunately enough I was introduced to Nick through a friend, who was not only very approachable but also highly knowledgeable and motivating in my goals. I completed a 12 week program with Nick focusing on nutrition and weight training 4x per week and managed to loose over 10 Kilograms and 17% body fat. I have never felt so energetic and confident with myself before, and with Nick’s help I would definitely recommend his guidance to anyone seeking help with their health or fitness goals.

Ricardo Fernandez:

“I have always maintained what I thought to be a quite healthy lifestyle, even since I was a child. However, life can come at you fast and before you know it you are working your butt off in an office and have a wife and two kids waiting for you everyday. I struggled to make time for exercise and found myself slipping away with my diet as well. I completed a 12 week program with Nick, and not only did I end up with great results, I look and feel about 10 years younger again. I have the energy and motivation that I need on a daily basis back, and it feels great! Nick’s enthusiasm during each session and the hassling of receiving a daily food dairy from me, ensured that I never gave myself excuses and continued to work hard at my goals. I definitely will recommend anyone who is ready to get started on their new health journey to reach out to Nick.”

Kit Low:

“My experience with Nick throughout my training history is miles above all others. I had tried for many years to find a trainer who could not only tell me how to train, but also educate me on the importance on dieting and bring me a real result, and Nick went far beyond my expectations. I run my own company and seem to spend half my life on an airplane and sleeping only a few hours every night. No matter whether I was in the gym or in another country, he kept in contact with me ensuring that there was not a single day that I skipped my own session or cheated a meal, and for that level of effort I have the upmost respect for him as not only a trainer, but a person. We trained together for a little over a year and I managed to gain over 10kg of muscle and loose 18% body fat. I feel stronger, healthier, and I even sleep better after my journey with Nick. Highly recommend his services to anyone wanting a real change!

Christelle Osmar:

“When I started training with nick I realised how wrong I was for too long about training and nutrition. I put all my beliefs on the side and trusted him as he has trained people with the same goals as me. It was not an easy road but he pushed me weeks after weeks , cheered me up when I wanted to give up and finally  I got the results I wanted for so long : a lean muscular body and healthy balanced diet habits. His knowledge in fitness and his technique are remarkable. Now I can go and train on my own knowing what I’m doing, he was the beginning of my great fitness journey.”