HIIT Class

Increase your cardio fitness to the next level! This 60 minutes class provides the variety your body needs to see results by combining full body cardio routines with specific muscle conditioning that will be tailored to the class’s needs. This is a great class suitable for all individuals looking to increase overall fitness!

Wonder Woman Class

For those women out there who want results in all the right areas! A female only class, a 60 minutes class consisting of posterior chain exercises (hamstrings/glutes/back). This class will help teach you the principles of activation and technique to help build a strong booty!

Iron Man Class

NO weights, NO machines. All you need is yourself! A 60 minutes class consisting of a mixture of bodyweight/TRX and core based movements. Class is run in TABATA style intervals. Recommended for all fitness levels looking to challenge their body in a new different way!



This practice cultivates strength and intelligent alignment to safely achieve and maintain optimal health. This class focuses on slow Hatha yoga style and emphasises on breath awareness, attention to details and alignment. Also this class teacher will encourage students to connect to their body in the present moment and practice in a truly uplift and well grounded way. 

Suitable for all beginner students with or without yoga experience looking to have an invigorating physical and mental practice.

An asana practice which blends strengthening and softening elements with the purpose of balancing the body and mind. Students will experience both invigorating practice combined with long held deep stretches to cultivate a focused and meditative mind. Some pranayama, chanting, tibetan singing bowl meditation may be included.  
Suitable for beginners students with or without yoga experience looking to balance their strength, flexibility and seeking to clam the mind 

Basic level yoga. The gentle yoga movements as Hatha yoga asana, which considered easier, less intense, non-strenuous, minimalistic, quiet, meditative, or restorative. Increases flexibility of body, calming and balancing mind & spirit.


(All levels)
The Balance poses offer us both physical and mental benefits. Get to know our center of gravity and how to align ourselves, improve the function of the equilibrium receptors in the body.

This class is a combination of power yoga and core exercise movements to increase strength through training. Core power yoga consists of three types of yoga: Power yoga, Core yoga, and Vinyasa yoga.

Our children live in a hurry-up world of busy parents, school pressures, incessant lessons, video games and competetive sports. We usually don’t think these influences as stressfull for our kids, but often they are. 

Introducing your children to yoga at an early age can help them learn healthy lifestyle, improve their sense of calmness and relaxation, enhance their flexibility and strength.