personal trainer (Senior), Nutrition adviser

“Growing up in Gold Coast Australia, with five other sporty siblings, I was involved in sports before I could even put a sentence together. I competed in sports such as swimming, rugby union, tennis, volleyball and rowing. During my early teen years I was fortunate enough to attend two very prestige sporting schools in Queensland Australia, which not only provided me with the correct coaching to compete at professional levels after school, but also taught me the importance of work ethic and dedication to your passion.
I have always thoroughly enjoyed being in the gym and throwing weights around, although it wasn’t until I started helping friends out in the gym and seeing their results that I felt that level of satisfaction with myself knowing that I was having such a positive affect on someone else’s life. It was at this point that I truly knew I would follow a career in health and fitness.
In 2010, I completed my personal training course and by 2011 I had moved to Hong Kong to excel my career. Having been fortunate enough to work for some of the top personal training gyms in Australia and Asia, I have spent the last decade educating myself and my clients on nutrition and developing the personal skills to create a training program suitable for any individual.

Having the opportunity to wake up everyday knowing that in some way I can have a positive impact on someone’s life whether that be physical or mental, is what really keeps the passion alive for me. I do my best to remind  those around me to never doubt yourself, you will be amazed at what you can achieve when you you put your mind to it.”

O – Pattamaporn Somchit

YOGA Teacher, personal trainer (Junior)

“Growing up in Thailand, as a little shy but enthusiastic young girl, I had an opportunity to go aboard for the first time as an exchange student to New Zealand. It gave me an opportunity and inspired me to learn more about different cultures and people. Since then I always wanted to see the different side of the world. After working with a leading 5 star hotel Four Seasons in Bangkok I couldn’t imagine I would have a chance to travel to many countries, meet so many inspired people along the way and end up living in Hong kong for over 15 years, become a mother to a boy who always brings me sunshine and smiles.

I realised more and more of the benefits of yoga. It isn’t just for my body only but more for my monkey mind. Yoga is a tool and a gate way for me to heal myself and understand who I truly am. And as a yoga teacher, I’d love to share and inspire all my students, not just practicing yoga asana but living yoga on your daily basis as well. It’s not that easy! It needs discipline and commitment! I love seeing people feeling better, healthier and happier. I strongly believe Yoga is a journey to help all of us to slow down and reconnect with ourselves. In a way that help us to heal in the area that each one of us needs at that moment at their own pace and their own time. Anything is possible when you start trusting, believing in your potential and don’t forget to be compassion to yourself.”
After many years away from home, facing the unexpected events and difficulties in life, I found myself living yoga and my passion as a yoga teacher. Yoga has changed my life and the way I look at life. At the beginning of my yoga journey, I have to be honest, I love doing different kind of exercise to keep myself healthy and in a good shape. I started practicing yoga over 10 years for that reason only. I didn’t start focusing and deepening my practice until a few years back. Through all struggles in life, I knew being on the mat has always brought me back to the core, to who I really am. Moreover, always give me the sense of calmness, grounding and freedom. I’m gaining more mindfulness and awareness of the choices I made in life.


YOGA Teacher

Ae was born in Thailand and is currently living in Hua Hin. 
She first tried yoga in 2007 and since then she practiced it on a daily basis.
Khun Ae studied yoga at WYA (World Yoga Alliance) Thailand and became a certified yoga teacher in 2015.

Ae is passionate about yoga and loves sharing her yoga knowledge and experience with other people. For Ae yoga time is her favorite part of the day. 
She enjoys spending time with herself by cutting off the distractions and believes that daily meditation makes us feel energized and have positive mind.

At Metamorph we are very honoured to have Ae as one of our yoga teachers on board.